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If you are reading this column, you are probably looking to get ahead financially and convinced yourself that someday... when you finally make the money you are supposed to make, you will be happy! Business owners usually look at this question at some point during employee evaluations - hoping the raise they will propose to their employee or staff will make them happy or keep them happy.

"But on...
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Categories: Candidate Happiness


No matter how much you like your job, you may not like it all the time. People with the most fulfilling of professions can still find themselves battling a case of the "Sunday Night Blues." And, from time to time, we may all feel a sense of disenchantment with our employer or with our co-workers.

But how can you know when it's really time to go? Here's a hint: If more than half of the following ...
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Categories: Career Trends


The employment picture of accounting and finance professionals is one of the brighter spots in todays economy. We find that companies have now found it necessary to increase permanent hiring to meet new financial reporting requirements. There are a number of attractive options for today's accounting and finance professionals. Accounting opportunities are growing at a steady pace that is expecte...
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