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Money & Happiness - Will More Money buy you Happiness at Work?


If you are reading this column, you are probably looking to get ahead financially and convinced yourself that someday... when you finally make the money you are supposed to make, you will be happy! Business owners usually look at this question at some point during employee evaluations - hoping the raise they will propose to their employee or staff will make them happy or keep them happy.

"But once you're safe and warm and fed, it makes surprisingly little difference," says David Schkade, professor of management at the University of California at San Diego. "Once you get to the lower-middle class, then it takes a lot of income to make a difference. Income does matter, just not as much as people think.

This conversation is usually present when a candidate is contemplating a job or career change. It is assumed there will be more money and of course they will be happier. It is a way of thinking we quickly realize that regardless of the size of the paycheck, we quickly grow into our income, and just as quickly start daydreaming of a bigger paycheck.

If money can't buy you happiness - than what can? This is an important area to look at when considering your next career move. Most importantly, what will create job satisfaction and long term happiness? Areas to look at are: commute, hours, company's culture and job responsibilities.

If you really dislike a long commute and need to be close to home for last minute family emergencies; living within a reasonable commute to your work will create much less stress in your life. Long hours and trips out of town may create more money in the paycheck but may in fact come at a heavy price on the home front.

Enjoying where you work and enjoying what you do will probably create the most happiness and overall satisfaction in all areas of life. At South Florida Recruiters, we are committed to making the best match for your next step in career growth. As experienced search consultants, we listen to many conversations of hiring managers, professionals and candidates, to really understand the important aspects of opportunities.

Call us today to learn about new career opportunities that will make you feel happy and rewarded.

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